Piper's P​iano Studio

Private Piano Lessons in The Woodlands, Texas

Teaching Philosophy

Mrs. Ward is very passionate about her teaching.  She puts her all  into training her students, so she is looking for students who wish to prioritize piano, practice diligently, and make their study and enjoyment of music a lifetime pursuit.  

Musical Independence 

It is very important to Mrs.Ward to give each student the tools they need to one day become an independent musician. She is absolutely appalled when she hears of students taking piano lessons for many years, and not learning to read music!  Her students do not merely memorize a series of piano pieces, but are taught the language of music so that they can fluently speak it on their own.  

How Strict is She?

Mrs.Ward is a very firm, determined instructor.  Although her students would describe her as kind, they also would tell you she does not accept anything less than the very best that each student can give.  She will see to it that her student learns a concept correctly, and will not rest until she feels they are executing it properly.  

She is no slave driver, and is a firm believer in not "sucking the joy" out of music.  However, she honestly tells all parents and students that studying piano is not always fun.  Like any worthwhile pursuit, many times it is difficult and it will require consistent hard work and dedication.  

Mrs.Ward's goal is to find a way to help each individual student reach their goals, while still retaining their love of music. 


Mrs.Ward has a curriculum for structured learning with lesson books, finger exercises, music theory, and the study of scales and classical music.  In addition, students are encouraged to find where their passion lies-- whether it be with classical, jazz, blues, popular music, movie themes, or all of the above.  She believes that if students are able to learn music that appeals to them (in addition to their core curriculum), that they will develop a lifelong love of piano and music.  Her students are taught to read the universal language of music, so that once they have completed their journey with her, they will be able to continue to learn and play whatever sort of music they love to express their individual style.