I have now been teaching for over 20 years.  I joined Central Louisiana Music Teachers Association as a Junior Member (college student) in 1998, and taught private piano lessons in Pineville, Louisiana until I made Texas my home.  I now live in The Woodlands, Texas, as an active member of Conroe Music Teachers Association teaching private piano lessons in the Conroe/Woodlands area.  I post my student's performances often on social media, and I feel like their results speak for themselves.  To see them play, please visit my Social Media page.     

I studied piano from age 5 all the way through 12th grade with Mrs. Barbara Cockerham in Pineville, Louisiana.  During this time, I participated and excelled in many local and state piano competitions and state music theory testing.  

After high-school, I accepted both a music and academic scholarship to continue my studies at Louisiana College.  I chose to major in Piano Pedagogy and continued lessons with Mrs. Mary Crump.  As part of my Piano Pedagogy courses, I began teaching free piano lessons supervised by my professor and teacher Mrs.Crump.  This was when I realized I had a passion for teaching and sharing the gift of music.


The middle child of five girls, I come from a very musical family.  When I was a toddler, my two older sisters were taking piano lessons, and I counted the days until I was old enough for our teacher, Barbara Cockerham, to take me as a student. 



I have a core curriculum for structured learning with lesson books, finger exercises, scales, and music theory testing.  In addition to this, students will always be studying a piece of their choice, their "passion piece."  

Students are encouraged to find where their musical passion lies, whether it be with classical, jazz, or popular music.  Or a little of everything!

I am a classically trained pianist, and I love teaching classical music.  However, I do not push this style onto every student.  I have an extensive Sheet Music Library that includes all styles of piano music at all levels from beginner to advanced.  I believe that if students are able to learn and pursue styles of music that appeal to them personally, they will develop a lifelong love of piano and music.


My musical journey began at an early age.


I put my all into teaching and training my students, so I am looking for a certain type of student.  I am looking for students who wish to prioritize their study of piano, practice diligently, and make their enjoyment of piano a lifetime pursuit.


It is very important to me that I give each student the tools they need to one day become an independent musician.  My students do not merely memorize a series of piano pieces, but are taught the language of music so that they can one day fluently speak it on their own.