Lesson Rates for Piper Ward
Three Available Lesson Plans: 

Each plan includes 35 lessons between August 10, 2020- May 6, 2021 (see Lesson Dates Page)

  • Elementary Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X ½ hour)= 9 payments of $125

  • Early Intermediate Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X ¾ hour)= 9 payments of $187

  • Intermediate/Advanced Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X 1 hour)= 9 payments of $250

Lesson Rates for Ryan Brossette:
Three Available Lesson Plans:

Each plan includes 35 lessons between August 14, 2020- May 7, 2021 (see Lesson Dates Page)

  • Elementary Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X ½ hour)= 9 payments of $80

  • Early Intermediate Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X ¾ hour)= 9 payments of $120

  • Intermediate/Advanced Lesson Plan: (35 lessons X 1 hour)= 9 payments of $160

Tuition payments are due by the 1st of every month, starting with SEPTEMBER and ending in MAY.   

If the student should miss or forget to bring payment to the first lesson, the student should NOT wait until the next lesson to bring payment. Payment should be brought or mailed to the Studio Address before the 7th of the month, or a late fee of $10 will be charged.  Lessons will not resume until Tuition is paid.

All 35 lessons scheduled on the calendar are to be paid in monthly installments as detailed above.  If the student schedules a vacation, cancels, or forgets the lesson it is still their responsibility to pay for the lesson. 

Tuition is not refundable, and will not be adjusted or discounted for any reason.